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Trípode Aluminio MACH3...

€219.00 €164.25

Trípode Aluminio MACH3 TMA47AL Benro:

  • Carga máxima: 20 kg
  • Altura máxima (con columna extendida): 180 kg
  • Altura máxima (sin columna): 151 kg
  • Altura mínima: 41 kg
  • Longitud cerrado: 68.5 cm
  • Tamaño...
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Tripod Travel Angel iTrip 5...

€139.00 €104.25

Tripod Travel Angel iTrip 5 FIT29AIH1 IT25 Benro:

  • Capacidad de carga: 6 kg
  • Altura máxima (con columna extendida): 154.5 cm
  • Altura máxima (sin columna): 131.5 cm
  • Altura mínima: 41.5 cm
  • Longitud cerrado:...
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Kit Tripod Slim de Carbono...

€89.00 €66.75

Kit Tripod Slim de Carbono Benro:

  • Slim-Profile Tripod
  • Folded Width: 3.2", Folded Length: 20.1"
  • Load Capacity: 8.8 lb
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Benro Travel Angel Series 1...

€375.00 €281.25

The Travel Angel FTA18CV0 is part of our most advanced range of compact, travel style photo tripods. This lightweight fully featured reverse folding tripod kit combines 9X carbon fiber legs with magnesium castings and twist locks for uncompromising...

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Benro TMA37AL Mach3...

€199.00 €149.25

As part of our most advanced range of photo tripods, the Mach3 TMA37AL combines classic design with advanced materials. High performance twist locks and magnesium castings make this aluminum tripod ideal for indoor or outdoor photo shoots. 

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Benro FIT19AIH0 iTrip...

€119.00 €89.25

 FIT19AIH0 iTrip tripod kit with ballhead

The iTrip FIT19AIH0 is an entry level travel tripod kit ideal for photographers needing compact and lightweight support...

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Benro FGP28A Go Plus Travel...

€195.00 €145.25

The FGP28A Go Plus Travel tripod series is the first to offer the compactness of a travel tripod with a versatile centre column! The tripod is constructed from aluminium tubing with machined aluminium and magnesium alloy components.